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Hello, World Wide Web!

If you read my “About Me” page you will see that I recently moved from thefirsttimeround.wordpress.com to this domain. I’ll be honest—I just wasn’t up to keeping up with my teacher blog anymore. It is too much work to take pictures of all my worksheets, upload them, take pictures of my room, etc. etc. I am just trying to teach and produce successful students.

I moved to this blog because I really love books. I love books so much it hurts me inside. I get attached to characters, obsessed with authors, and hope one day that I can write a book that is so inspiring people will want to blog about it. On this blog, I just want to review books and talk about reading. Reading inspires me to be a better teacher and a better person. I may not always read adult material–let’s be honest, I read nothing for adults–but I am always reading something. I love my kiddos and will almost read anything they put into my hands!

I want to also share my ideas on teaching reading and where I think we are doing our students a disservice in teaching reading. I think the art of teaching is a living being and refusing to adapt to new teaching methods is really hurting our kids. I consider myself to be pretty successful in motivating kids to read. I may not have a 100% pass rate, but I sure as heck can motivate a class to spend twenty minutes arguing about characters and comparing books to one another. I really hope this is a forum where I can share those successful stories for people who feel “stuck” in their teaching methods. I believe in adaptability and I believe in my students–I am always going to put them first, even if it means we spend a day or two off track. I want them to leave my classroom as life long readers, not as life long test takers. There is a huge discrepancy in these two areas and I feel that state standards do not acknowledge that fact. They want numbers and data concerning pass and fail rates. I want numbers and data on books read and lives changed by those books.

I look forward to sharing with you all. Below I have linked my Goodreads account so you can see what I have been reading! I also hope to start a Twitter Feed soon where I can vent WHILE I’m reading—I frequently find myself needing that release.

**My Goodreads Account**

Thanks so much for stopping by!

–Miss Wyoming


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