2014 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction Announced by Donalyn Miller and Nerdy Nation (Part Two)

I love anything Donnalynn touches! This is an awesome book list that strays from the “go-to” books, but still has some great “go-to” authors! Potential reviews on their way?

Nerdy Book Club

This post takes up where yesterday’s post left off–celebrating this year’s Nerdy Award winners for Young Adult Fiction. Thanks to Teri Lesesne, Jillian Heise, Kevin English, Kathy M. Burnette, Katherine Sokolowski, Paul W. Hankins, Sarah Gross, Don Miller, Cindy Minnich, David Macginnis Gill, Jennifer Fountain, and Karin Perry for contributing reading responses and reviews for our 2014 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction posts. Sometimes, crazy Christmas Eve plans work out.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld


“Oh my gosh! My mother is going to kill me for packing more books, but can I please borrow this for first semester?” Kayla, a recent alum, was helping me unpack my classroom library over the summer when she picked up Afterworlds. Of course, I said yes and sent Kayla off to college with my brand-new copy of Afterworlds. I had read an e-ARC of the book and could not put it…

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