A Good Reader, but a Bad Blogger–so YouTube?


So if you actually follow my blog, I would not be surprised if you have stopped. I am the worst blogger ever! I read a ton of books, but do I blog about them? No! And I am not sure why I can’t stay on top of my blog. I think one reason is the writing. It takes a lot of time to sit and write a blog post and then edit it and then find all the pictures and then post it.

But I had a really good idea. I love to write and read, but I love to talk more. My idea is that I am going to move my blog to YouTube! Never fear….I am going to embed all my videos here. What changes you can expect are:

1) A verbal 5 minute (ish) book review

2) I am keeping the owl rating, the 150 character review and the why I loved it in print

3) Less writing, more watching.

Thanks for sticking around, readers!


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