Digital Library Management

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Managing your Classroom Library….Digitally!

This was an epic find on my part. I knew it existed. I’d seen pins for book scanning apps and I thought, “There has to be a way for me to make my classroom library digital aside of just using a spreadsheet.” Then….I found it! Classroom Booksource! The saving grace of my classroom library!

Why I love Classroom Booksource:
It has a couple of features that really make my classroom library functional. (1) The first is that the students can log in and checkout their books on their own. I don’t use this feature frequently because it takes a lot of time for students to log on to the computer and check out, but it is something I plan to use in the future. (2) It allows me to digitally track the flow of my books, as well as the condition of my books. I am able to set the condition of a book when I put it into my library. For instance, if a student donates a book, it might come in a “Moderate Wear” condition versus if I go out and buy a book that is classified as “New”. If you are really anal about the condition of your books, you can set as many “Condition” levels as you like. I have four (which you will see later): New, Slight Wear, Moderate Wear, and Extreme Wear. (3) Classroom Booksource provides me late notices every 2 weeks. I can see which students have what books out. I can also print a report of checked out and overdue books. (4) I can print a hard copy of my digital library that makes it easier to browse my books. Students no longer have to stand in front of the shelf. They can either get on the computer or use the hard copy to find something to read. This mimics having to research books later in life versus picking a book off the cover image alone.

How to Use It:
Below is a video that I created for my students to learn to use Classroom Booksource. Below that is a second video I made to show teachers how to use Classroom Booksource. It is really something you need to get on and play with to learn yourself, but these highlight the features.

Booksource Check Out and Return Tutorial for Students

Booksource Tour for Teachers

Okay, so that is all I know. I forgot to mention that there is an app that goes with this. I personally haven’t used it before because my phone has no storage left on it, but I think if you have storage, it would be a lovely thing to use. If you have any questions, leave them below in the comment section and I will try my very hardest to answer them. If I cannot, I will LMGTFY it and send you the link from Google.

You are awesome! Your library should be, too! Booksource is out, people!!


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